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Friday, February 20, 2015

Elements Of A Good Relationship by Sakoieta'

Control is a touchy subject for most people since most people believe they have the right to do anything and say anything they wish and that no one has the right to challenge that. I look to the three precepts of the Two Row Wampum when I think about control. Between two parties there was the understanding that control and relationships would be bound in Peace, Mutual Respect, and Friendship. If a people love and respect themselves, they will love and respect others as well. Do good to others but also do good to yourself. We need to constantly stop and think what we look like and what our actions look like to others. Do we exemplify Peace, Mutual Respect and Friendship or are we seen as being over bearing, stubborn and selfish? Is our nature to get what we want by treading on the feelings and beliefs of others? Kindness only takes a few minutes and heals many wounds. We can always show respect for all people and then if need be with Peace, Mutual Respect and Friendship address inappropriate behaviors and actions.

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