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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Focus by Sakioeta'

Lately there have been so many things happening that have really caused me to examine my focus in life. Focus, so important to use so that we know where our energies are best spent. It is so easy to lose track of that and come to the realization that so much has been offered to so many and that it seldom gets reciprocated. There are just times we need to stop, think, focus on what has been our main course in life and even if we have to refocus and suddenly take a different path than the one we have walked on all of our life, that we just need to do that realizing that is where we are at in our life, with ourselves, relationships and direction. These are things that we sometimes become aware of by ourselves and at other times just trying to work with people in a good way without that happening, helps us to make the change and refocus.

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