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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Duct Tape Dog

Seems like one thing or another. Echo had to have surgery to remove four cysts and one had become infected. That one required several stitches to close the opening. The surgery was on the side he usually lays on and he got the wound to bleed so I had to put a 4 X 4" bandage onto him. The surgical tape, cloth tape and adhesive tape all did not hold and the bandage would fall off his side. Carol suggested Duct tape and so we tried it and it worked great. He also can't get it off to lick his side. When we took him to the vet yesterday she also thought it was a great idea.

The collar we bought for him to keep from reaching his side was put on according to directions and worked until some snow got under it around his neck. Then it rubbed his neck raw in a place so we had to take it off for his neck and side to heal. Even without the collar the duct tape keeps his wound dry and safe.

We also noticed his eye was looking a little different so back he went yesterday. The diagnosis is pannus which is an eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated. Living at a high elevation and the snow with its brightness plus the ultraviolet rays both contribute. The German Shepherd breed has a pre disposition to this disease and while it effects other dogs it effects mostly the German Shepherd Dog and Border Collie breeds and Colorado is a prime location for it to occur.

It is not curable but treatable. Two of our German Shepherd Dogs have it and when it starts showing signs of happening we have to put drops in their eyes to keep them from going blind. It was first discovered in Colorado and Austria but now is found in other places. Pannus is more widespread now days but remains prevalent in Colorado. In the summer and winter with the snow glare are the worst times but we have a pair of Doggles which are tinted that they can wear if they are going to be outside more than a few minutes. That is rare that they are outside more than 4-5 minutes and with the Doggles and eye drops they should be fine.

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