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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weather Experiment On Forecasters

The forecasters all agreed that we would have a 90% chance of snow starting at 11:00 AM today. Now six hours later and the skies are blue with a few billowy white clouds floating around. In Denver the news shows heavy snow on the front range but so far here it has been a very pleasant day.

I don't think the forecasters will be wrong for long but so far the forecast they still have up is that we were to receive snow this morning and we have not seen a flake yet. Perhaps they are not wrong but just off on their timing. I think this goes to show that often the weather people do have trouble predicting weather in the mountains.

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Bruce said...

They got it wrong and they got it right. The prediction was 90% chance of snow yesterday and up to 15". No snow yesterday but today we awoke to 7" of snow and it is still coming down heavy. The result is there the timing is just a little off which is why it is so very hard to predict snow and weather in the mountains.
They are able to do pretty well on the temperatures though because the thermometer is hovering around zero. Photos to follow - later.