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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Words Of Peace by Sakoieta'

Like a gentle rain our words need to be diplomatically put forth. If we can settle disagreements with gentleness and determination to do so in a manner where each involved has felt and been respected then why not? I remember one of our elders sharing that the greatest strength a person could ever possess is the strength and determination in all things to be gentle. Unfortunately some people like to have fireworks, loud noise, etc when they deal with other people. It takes more of valuable time because then peace and harmony need to be restored before negotiations can begin. It is hard to listen to angry words that burn the ears. It is hard to focus on returning to a peaceful manner yet it is so necessary for successful relations to continue. We have to work just as hard to practice this self discipline of being peace people.


Gypsy said...

So true, and it's taken me years and years before I fully understand this concept.

Carol said...

Before you speak, THINK. Is what you are about to say...

T = truthful
H = helpful
I = inspirational
N = necessary
K = kind

If not, don't say it!!!