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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Judge Judy - Lesson In Justice

We are both watchers of Judge Judy a thirty minute television show where Judge Judy deals out justice her way. We have watched her segment every day from the first time it aired. Over the years we have enjoyed watching her bend the law or go to her own version. Perhaps we like her so much because she is the exact duplicate of a friend of ours (Joyce),  who has now passed away, right down to the no nonsense approach to people. I never knew there could be two people so much alike but she is for certain a dead ringer of Joyce.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from watching her show and you don't have to be a participant. When she determines one party has been wronged she will generally give the party who did the wrong a verbal tongue lashing and life lesson. She can wade through nonsense, lies and distortions to humiliate the strongest personality. She doesn't always follow the law but she always renders justice even when she has to bend it a little. She leaves con people shaking their head or hanging it when they are caught in their own web of deception. She is able to see through their subterfuge with 20/20 vision. She doesn't always rule the way viewers may like but her rulings are just.

After the particular case she has tried and she abruptly dismisses the participants and retires to her chamber they give the participants a few words about how they felt the case went. For the past few years the losers often say: "It is what it is" when they have lost. They look right into the camera and make that senseless statement. I have watched almost every episode and I have yet to hear a loser say the judgement was right because I did do something wrong and Judge Judy held me accountable. Invariably friendships have been broken, relationships broken, families fractured and still the losers won't admit guilt but either defend their case or say 'it is what it is'. All that in spite of the fact that Judge Judy has just given them an excellent lesson in morality and also the law.

Beyond her witticisms like "don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining" people just don't seem to after the fact accept responsibility. If they had done the right thing and accepted responsibility there would be no show but even after they have been told they still don't confess their wrong nor apologize. That seems to me to be a good life lesson that when you wrong someone and are called on it that you fess up and make it right before being forced to. Many of the cases involve coveting someone else's property or trying to take it for their own. I'm sure that Judge Judy is happy that there are so many dishonest and sneaky people in the world as it provides her a steady job. I guess the viewers should be glad too because they get to see her unerring judgement in action and hear morality lessons repeatedly. Apparently repetition doesn't work so well any more since people seem to eagerly avoid responsibility. This gal can cut through lies, cheats and deceivers like a hot knife through butter. If you watch her show see how many morality and life lessons you can pick up on.

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Gypsy said...

I haven't watched the show for a long time but used to be a regular viewer. You are 100% correct about Judge Judy, as well as the defendants who show no remorse.