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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Life Lessons

There are different ways to learn and perhaps this was best stated by Will Rogers when he said: "There are three kinds of men. The kind that learns by reading. The kind that learns by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

My wife and I started this blog many years ago with the purpose in mind to to pass on some of the lessons we have learned over the many years of our existence. Our good friend Sakoieta has been instrumental in passing on excellent wisdom and insight for us on this blog and we appreciate his contributions and look forward to future posts of his. We also started this blog for friends and family to keep up with our different lifestyle here in the mountains and the rigors of living as we do. The following blog by Sakoieta points out how as a society we have been deceived to believe we should all be alike and I am in total agreement with him. We share the sameness in many ways but mostly we are all substantially different. This subject has been on my mind lately and he expresses it very accurately and succinctly. 

I have departed or slowly gravitated away from life lesson topics recently due to personal attacks and bias criticism and in some cases outright aggressive and hostile attacks. Hence I have evaded the original intent of this blog and took the easy route by posting photos of animals and our basic life here in the mountains. I plan to return to occasionally posting observations, and life lessons so that others may profit from gains, mistakes, and experiences and possibly it will help them make more informed decisions in their own life. For others they will just have to pee on the fence. If there are personal attacks, undue criticism I always have the delete comment button and will exercise it. 

I will be posting in the future lessons learned from the tarantula wasp, the lion beetle and even Judge Judy as well as others. I still will post blogs on our mountain lifestyle as in the past but they will occasionally be interspersed with life lessons. Therefore if any reader wants to initiate a personal attack I suggest you just go pee on an electric fence because if your criticism, attack is not beneficial to other readers it won't appear in this blog. 

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Jane said...

Hey, I LOVE your life lessons and totally look forward to each and every one of them! apparently there are those who are so insecure that they take the life lessons personally as an attack? How ridiculous is that! we’ll just have to pray for them J keep on writing your life lessons, and thank you in advance – I have been blessed tremendously by them J