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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Special Privilege

Early last spring the mom brought these guys around to meet us. I was out back and she brought her new babies for us to see. They were just barely born with wobbly legs and probably not 5 lbs yet. She has come back with her babies through out the summer and this was taken a few days ago. Soon the snow will start to fall and accumulate and she will move with her babies down to the lower areas. When she does that and we see the babies again they will be full grown. They were right next to the house and we will miss their departure soon. It has been a high privilege to watch them grow up. On this occasion they were eating rose hips from the numerous wild rose bushes that grow around our house. I trim the weeds but leave the rose bushes alone so the deer will have rose hips to eat. We will miss this family when they leave and look for their return come spring. I hope we will recognize them when the babies come back as adults.

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