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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rising Early

Most days I rise early when it is still dark outside. I have found the benefits of getting up early far out weigh sleeping in. This morning was no exception and the dogs are an efficient and effective alarm clock as they want to go out into the back yard and potty. A cold nose on any part of your body when you are snuggled into bed will bring you instantly awake. Most mornings are pretty routine but sometimes the morning is very special. This morning was one of those special mornings.

After letting the dogs out to do their business I came back inside as it was pretty chilly outside at 40 degrees. I figured as long as I was up I'd get a fire started in the wood stove and brew a pot of coffee. The dogs all found a bed and went back to sleep. As I sat in my recliner I realized this was a special morning as follows.

The fire in the wood stove was crackling and I could feel the warmth of the stove in my recliner. The dogs were all laying in bed sleeping and breathing deeply with Sarah gently snoring. As I looked out the triangle window the stars were bright in the night sky and they seemed endless. I had a cup of  hot coffee at hand and my morning bible study materials all laid out.

As I sat there doing my prayers and bible study it occurred to me in the quiet of morning that this was one of those special moments in time that I should just relax and enjoy. The silence, the dogs all sleeping peacefully without a care in the world, the wood stove crackling and radiating heat, the stars twinkling and a moment to simply reflect on the days coming activity and be thankful.

Soon I would be into the day doing my chores and going through the daily routine but this was one of those special moments that has been set aside to experience the peace and calm and bask in it. Now as I sit here watching the sun come up over the horizon it makes the moment complete and I feel fresh and ready to start a hectic and strenuous day. Having this special moment in time in a world that is crazy and hectic gives a good start to any day.

As the sun now comes up and the dogs get up and shake and stretch and as Carol remains asleep under her new blanket this day has gotten off to a good start. A quiet time to pray, reflect and plan the days activities and enjoy the quiet, crackling wood stove, warmth and peace is a good start to any day. My wish for all readers is that your day may start as peaceful and calm as mine has started.


Gypsy said...

I love early mornings the best, although it's difficult sometimes to get out of that warm bed!

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing, Bruce, as my day sounds a lot like yours – I got up this morning at 3 am and, since it rained yesterday, we have all of our windows open – quite a change from air conditioning and being shut in….I also got my coffee and started my day with prayer and Bible study and thankfulness that the Lord allowed me one more day to rise and enjoy – Punkin (our Bichon Frise) sat beside me on the couch and went back to sleep as well – I could hear the coyotes out the door (we live on two acres in the country) and I, as you, was just thankful for a God who is an awesome God, who provides these moments of pure delight, renewing and refreshing our souls so that we can go out and renew and refresh others –

May He bless you today (as He obviously has) and thank you for blessing me with your words – they are always welcomed and appreciated – hi to Carol for me too if you would -- Jane

Sakoieta said...

In this way as we greet the new day in Thanksgiving we have not only blessed the day but the day has blessed us. Great stuff!!