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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Civilized Posts And Comments Only

Every once and a while we get a vitriolic and mean spirited comment on our blog. We do not post those as they serve no purpose and do not advance or clarify the subject matter and are aimed at the personal destruction or demeaning of the writer.

Mother Earth News won't post them and today one was removed because of its hateful content and it failed to meet their decency requirements. This blog is the same and we will not post hateful or disrespectful comments, or comments that lead you to another site other than Mother Earth News web page.

As to this site I have no problem with decent and respectful discourse. After all it was that type of comments that put me onto the path of discerning what caused our tractor to stop working among other excellent comments.

The comment on Mother Earth News was taken down within 14 hours due to its hateful content. I was provided the email address of the sender along with the IP address and since it seemed to have content that may relate to the vandalism we experienced I will be taking it to the Sheriff to further investigate. Just because some hateful person in our community exports their hate to someone else to publish in order to throw suspicion off the originator doesn't mean that they won't be found out or the person who does their dirty work won't be prosecuted.

This blog is open and welcomes comments that pertain to the subject matter but will not publish personal attacks, hateful comments, or vitriolic comments. It serves no purpose and these blogs are read all over the world and hateful comments will not be posted.

We welcome comments that amplify or add to the subject matter but the person who sent the comment to Mother Earth News needs to seriously seek help for their sick condition.  


Gypsy said...

I will never understand why some people write hateful or nasty comments; you see it on YouTube videos, even those that aren't in any way controversial. I have occasionally deleted a comment on my blog although I don't pre-approve comments, but if an unkind one slips through I'll hit the delete button very quickly!

Beth said...

Wow. Truly sorry someone was so hateful. :( I do hope it turns out to be a good lead in your vandalism issue.

Rebecca Smith said...