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Thursday, January 28, 2016

To our followers-The Hacker/Carol

Have any of you noticed?? The number of followers has gone down from 93 a few days ago to 67 as I write this. We know who the hacker is but there is no way that we can prevent this from happening.

Please either become a follower again or just sign up to receive notification of blog postings by signing up with the link that is right below "followers":

We are praying for the hacker and hope that he finds something better to do with his time.........


Beth said...

I follow your blog through Feedreader Online. But I'm here! So sorry someone is malicious enough to bother your lovely blog. I hope it gets cleared up soon.

Cletus said...

Don't know if you meant the hacker was an individual or a company that has caused you to lose followers but I found this comment on another blog...

"...there is nothing we can do...I lost over 500 followers since December...301 just last evening...I have over 5883 followers so it does not matter if you are small blog or larger, we note every follower ... it is nothing personal..blogger has eliminated anyone who followed us that did not have a google address....So they are gone, never to be added again, unless they open up a google account...Sadly this affects many of us..."

I know nothing about Blogger or blogs or who or what conterols them, just thought that this might be a possible explanation.

Bruce said...

Thank you Cletus. The hacker is an individual and he was so venomous and hateful that he wanted to see people not read our blog so like you I don't know how he did it but he deleted quite a few followers the very day after he sent his hateful comment.
I have alerted Mother Earth News and they sent the potential hackers info to their IT dept. He lives outside Pittsburg. PA and sell or did sell office equipment.
Unfortunately trolls like him are just something bloggers have to deal with and for every blog there are several hateful people who have nothing to contribute but criticism and venom. They can strike without warning and apparently don't have a live so they tear down others. He said he was breaking no laws but in fact it falls under cyber bullying and cyber stalking. They are not worth the time to reply to or attempt to deal with. They stalk blogs and spew hate and vitriol.