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Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Extended Family

When I walked down to the other end of our property earlier today these guys were down there. Four ran off and one stayed and looked at me curious until I spoke to her and called her Daughter which is the name of the adopted "daughter" of our old friend Daisy. Daisy took her under her wing (so to speak) when she was an abandoned fawn and we named her Daughter. Daisy is now gone onto deer heaven but when I said "hi Daughter" she immediately calmed down and I could tell she recognized me. I just looked out the window and saw her and her followers bedded down beside the house. 

For those who don't know, Daisy was the mother of Junior and when you go back in my blogs you will find lots of stories about them. Daughter is the third generation now and we recognize them and they clearly recognize me. When I'm out working on the property they will often come around and I'll have a lengthy conversation with them and they have nor show no fear since they know they are on protected ground. We prefer to live with them and they know they are welcome and safe at our home.

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