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Friday, May 27, 2016

Post Five Inches Of Snow

 The snow melts off fast when the sun comes out and the temperatures rise 20 degrees and eight hours later. .
 Lettuce did survive the snow and cold.
 Spinach made it too.
 The snow comes off the steep roof and accumulates along the sides of the house. In the winter it gets 8' deep or deeper some years.
 Looking out to the side of our property the snow has melted and the green is showing through again.
For many years we have had a Flycatcher nest under our deck and last year after she raised her baby chicks she accidentally flew into the window and died. I buried her where the cross is as nothing will disturb her there and she can RIP. She was an excellent mother and we hope one of her off spring will return and nest in the same place to continue the family. Other birds have started nests and I don't know how this late season snow will effect their nesting. I hope they will take up where they left off. I have not seen the wrens since the snow.

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