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Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Firewood

We have a 10 person crew coming tomorrow from a local charity that provides firewood to those who can't afford it or get it themselves. We cut our dead trees down and they will remove the limbs and pile them up (we hope) and then cut the trees into lengths and carry them down to the trail and there we will load them on the trailer and I'll then drive them to their truck where they will be loaded and hauled off. Last year they cut about 11-12 cords of firewood.

It is reassuring to know that the trees won't go to waste and will be used to keep people warm this next winter. I'm glad that they are willing to donate their time and muscle to cut and haul these dead trees  off. Many were blown down last winter and we added some more dead trees that they can cut up. We don't want them cutting the dead down as it takes some skill to do that and with 10 or more people working in the area it could be dangerous. Therefore we have them cut what is already on the ground and not cut any standing or leaner's.

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