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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Win Win

 We work with a local charity that provides free firewood and other services to those who can not afford or obtain it on their own. They have volunteer crews come in from all over the country to provide their time and muscle to gather up firewood. As it turns out we have a lot of dead standing and blow down firewood and can keep people warm for many years. This is the third year that we have worked with some amazing people with giving hearts to get firewood those who really need it.
 This crew came from Estes Park and to the person they were delightful to work with and be around.
 The charity will have crews coming in each week. We will have more crews and that is good because otherwise the dead trees would just rot in place and benefit no one.
 These folks come to work and they work hard.
 It is fun to be around positive people who drive long distances to give their time for people they don't know. It also helps us get rid of dead trees that we don't need or want.

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