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Monday, July 25, 2016

Delightful Children And Sponsors

 We had another group out from LaPuente today and this group was from Denver, CO. A Baptist Church group with youngsters from 6-8th grade. What an absolutely delightful group of young people. To all readers these young people were polite, hard working (very hard working) good humored and just plain fun to be around. These are our future doctors, dentists, business people, and other leaders. Having been around the young people all day I'd say our future is in good hands. It would be nice if we left them a good world to take over.
 These young people hauled around two cords of firewood and I never heard a single complaint, grumble or negative comment. These kids were nothing but a total delight to be around and it was touching when they all waved and said 'goodbye Bruce'.   I was sorry to see them leave and it was emotional to see them leave.  The work they did will go a long way to keeping people warm this winter. Little arms and legs lifting  and flipping logs bigger than they were and they worked so well together.
 This old guy was sad to see them go, they were that good to be around..
Another crew is due tomorrow and then Vince, Jasper and Chelsea will have served their year as volunteers and moving on to start their careers or obtain their advanced degrees. Somehow it just won't be the same without these dedicated people and we will miss them greatly. They will be greatly missed.

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