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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dealing With Past Experiences by Sakoieta

Life has always contained lessons to help us better ourselves as Human beings. Many times we don’t understand parts or any of the processes that took place to do that. We have both positive and negative thoughts about experiences of the past. It is and has been important to study these at different times in our lives until we understand the lesson that was contained in the experience and how it was part of our learning. Sometimes this is painful and because it may be too emotional we move away from it. When in reality we really needed to spend time working through that experience and gradually feeling our emotions change to where we can now at least understand how it changed us to become more aware, more vigilant, and stronger in thought, emotions, spirit and also physically.

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Rain said...

I went through something like you described. I avoided the anger and pain and isolated myself for many years until I decided I couldn't run away anymore. It took me 9 years of therapy and self-reflection to make sense of what I'd gone through. After 18 years of leading a solitary life, at the age of 43 I was finally feeling better and stronger. I was a different person and learned so much about myself. I was able to slightly socialize again (though I prefer the hermit life still!) and boost up enough self-confidence to start dating again. I now have a nice, simple life in the mountains of Quebec with my boyfriend and our 6 fur kids. My life is completely different from the person I was before the age of 43. I hate what I went through, but the best gift I received was gratitude, forgiveness (for me, not the offenders), love for myself and nature and knowing that we only go around once so we must use every moment to its fullest. I actually feel happy, which was a foreign feeling for me before about 5 years ago. :)