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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Season In The Mountains

 Carol and I took a little trip to the other end of our property on the tractor this morning when we thought the sun was right. The aspen trees are now in full color and we have learned over the years not to wait to get photos. A strong wind or snow/hail storm could strip the trees in minutes. For better viewing click on the photos to enlarge them.  I wish a scratch and sniff feature was available so the smell of fall could be shared. The pine trees are shedding needles and the aspen leaves are coming down as well and when the sun heats them up the smell is intoxicating.

 Above is one of our two year round springs with the aspen leaves floating. I thought it made a pretty photo.
We have several aspen trees around the house and this year they are giving our homestead color. Fall time in the mountains is a beautiful time of year. Cool days and crisp air with the aroma of the earth and dead leaves/pine needles. Soon it will all be covered with snow for several months so the time to get out and enjoy it is now....

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