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Thursday, September 29, 2016

More Fall Photos From The Mountains

 The above photo is where one of the springs comes up from the ground and runs clean pure water all year long. The photo just below it shows where it forms a little water fall as it goes into the culvert it has created over the many years it has flowed. The small stream can be seen at the top of the photo behind the grass and just to the left of the yellow stalk of skunk cabbage .
 Strong winds in the fall blew this paper wasp nest out of a tree. This one is small but we have seen them as large as a basketball.
 Below are aspen trees in their glorious colors. This is a invigorating time of the year with the cool crisp temperatures and the smell of dry leaves. This year the conifers have shed more needles than usual which adds to the wonderful smell.
 In the bottom photo if you look carefully you can see Mt. Mestas through the trees and off in the distance. At the right end of the mountain is LaVeta pass which goes to Walsenburg and we can also see it from our front deck.

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