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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Recent Visitors

 I like to share our visitors with our readers but I usually wait a few days or even weeks to do so as we have poachers in our community.  I realized that they were watching our blog so they would know when the elk were around and I would see them driving up and down the road in pursuit of the elk which feel safe in our no hunting community. By not publishing when they were here the poachers are always several days late or weeks late.
 By not putting a date and time on the photos the poachers don't know when the photos were taken and I don't give them any clue.  It is sad that this has to be done but our house is situated where we see the poachers pass by and to protect the elk and deer we don't post photos of them until days later.
Here are three photos of some elk that meandered through our property enjoying the openness of the woods and safety provided.

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