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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bozwell Hotspots

Resolving skin issues in canines is probably the most challenging problem a dog parent can face. We tried different dog foods and finally decided it was not a food allergy. We went back and looked at his extensive allergy testing and down at the bottom of one page was a word we didn't recognize that he was allergic to. Turns out it is dust mites. We put him on Fresh Alaska Salmon Oil capsules and bought numerous anti allergy treatment for the house. It is pretty expensive but all those hot spots on his legs and belly have healed up now. He is acting more normal and we hope we have the solution finally.

Skin issues are a baffling challenge in canines but if this works it was worth the effort and perseverance to give him some relief. The Alaska Salmon Oil is pretty expensive for a 30 day supply but it is doing wonders for him so far. We just ordered our second bottle through Fingers crossed for Bozwell that we finally have his problem figured out........

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