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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Standing Rock Protest

Check out the latest blog for Mother Earth News regarding Standing Rock Sioux protest at the following link:


Jonathan Hedman said...

I appreciate your update on the Standing Rock protest as back in the East(Maine) you see pictures of people standing on a river bank without much explaination other than they will not leave. Are there other options for this pipeline to go around the river?? That too is not discussed. As a 42 year utility engineer, I know about pipes and leaks. If there are no other routes, then the good news which no one may have explained is that there are so many new advances in installation and safety that should be know about.They include directional boring so there are no open cuts, sleeves that would contain the pipe near the river so if it were to leak it would go into the casing, monitoring equipment and algorithums that find leaks before they can do real damage and remote control valves that can be closed via remote signal that can close a pipe instantly with out on site human intervention. I would vote for no pipeline under water if possible, but there are many ways to prevent a contamination. Most leaks that are talked about were from pipelines installed years ago before any of this was available and by Companies that do not care. Just wanted to share. Thanks for a slice into your life and neck of the woods

Bruce said...

Thank you Johnathan for a very informative explanation on pipelines. I have part two ready to go and will submit it today. The problem between the Sioux and oil company is complex. Because the U.S. Gov't has broken treaties before the Sioux and most tribes are distrustful of the Gov't and the agencies who have approved this pipeline. That makes finding middle ground hard.
Actually the plans call to drill under the river to run the pipeline. Also they plan to go under the Missouri reservoir as well. The pipeline has been rerouted already around Bismark as no one there wanted it to be in their back yard. There probably is another route but no one will take it. The local authorities seem to be somewhat contemptuous toward the native american's by spraying them with a water gun when it was 20 degrees out. I listened to a female protester describe how the police arrested her and male officers did a strip search/ body cavity degrading her. She described in detail how humiliating it was.
I have two Indian friends that are on top of this debacle and keep me informed. Recently almost 100,000 veterans of all ethnic groups have joined the Indians in protest. It seems clear that the police are headed toward a forceful resolution and that will be a modern day disaster. The pipeline is suppose to be the most modern of its day but the Sioux concern is 50-70 years from now it may be falling apart or neglected. The protest is escalating and there is no force to be an intermediary or stop it. The Gov't is silent and the native american community doesn't trust them anyway. This has been going on for quite a while now and just keeps getting worse.

future CO resident said...

How do you feel about the fracking in Colorado and have you personally experienced any issues with your ground water supply as a result of nearby drilling? Any lingering gas smells in the air?

Bruce said...

Good questions Future CO resident: How do I personally feel about it is difficult to answer. Until we are no longer dependent on oil I know it is necessary and being able to use domestic oil is better than being manipulated by foreign interests. That said I'm not fond of fracking. I have read that the toxic chemicals they use to extract oil from deep in the ground has its adverse side effects. Such as leaching into water sources and earthquakes. I also recently read that they are dumping the toxins in the ocean which needs to be stopped. State gov't is solidly in favor of fracking and has put down attempts from cities or counties to stop it. Fracking has its residual side effects and I would like to see it done safer. Oil companies profess that it is much safer than it is but in their favor we don't hear about incidents so it just could be they are right. We have friends in the adjoining county that tell me they are fracking close to them and they have not experienced any problems. No unusual smells or contamination of water.
On the other hand there is wide spread of pesticides and herbicides and they have leached down to the water table and tests have shown the majority of wells have traces of those compounds in them. In spite of this knowledge they are still widely using them even though they have carcinogens in them.
On a par I would say that fracking is safer than copious and continued application of pesticides and herbicides. In fact the State Dept of Agriculture encourages their use and we citizens hear little about that aspect of pollution. In fact our community several years ago was using a very dangerous herbicide and asking them to let us residents know where and when it was applies was met with hostility and belligerence.
So while I'm concerned with fracking I have not seen or heard any serious problems with it so I'm still undecided over it. I hope that answers your question.