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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homesteading As A Senior

Having received 96" of snow this season can be daunting. So far is about average for what we receive each year and have for the past twenty winters. I wrote a blog for Mother Earth News about how the smallest little bump in the road has significant effects on us older folk. We learn to adjust, adapt and still get the job done. It is much easier when you have a small tractor without a doubt but it still requires a lot of shovel work.

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We go from one season that requires a lot of physical work to another. Now we are in the snow season and this time of year the snow is mostly light but being light that causes drifting so we seem to be constantly moving it from one place to another. Later today I will be starting the tractor up and pushing a couple large accumulations to the down side of the mountain. That requires first shoveling them out to where I can get to them with the tractor.

We consider this one of the most beautiful places to live and to live here we must deal with the harsh winters. We pace ourselves so that we don't over do the strenuous demands. It is possible as long as we plan carefully and stay focused on the task at hand.

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