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Monday, January 30, 2017

Hard Work - Winter or Summer

Generally once each winter we have to shovel out the garden area and push it down the driveway. I'm standing on packed down snow and the hard packed snow and 6" of ice along the edge of the roof are heavy and deep. We only do it about once a year to keep it from building up and blocking the back door and the door to under the house. Our technique is for me to shovel it out of the area and toss it onto the driveway and then Carol pushes it out far enough where I can get to it with the tractor blade.

I would guess that the snow in this area represents at least one ton and it is hard to lift it is so packed down and heavy. Just another day in the mountains for us and since we have about 40% of our annual snow we shouldn't have to do it again this year.

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