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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Echo Post Surgery

Echo is feeling kind of slow and lethargic following his sebaceous cyst removal. The same vet's have been treating our dogs for many years. We are able to stay with Echo during his surgery. He really likes his doctors and doesn't understand why when he goes to see them he gets so tired. They know all our dogs well and while Echo was dozing during his surgery we were able to talk and describe Bozwell's lameness. Our vet was almost sure that his problem is arthritis and we had already ordered appropriate Rx for him and our vet approved of what we bought and gave us one more supplement to give him.

When we got Echo home he was checked thoroughly over every inch of his body but Sarah, Bozley and Bozwell. He is currently dozing at my feet and is happy to be back home again.


Jonathan Hedman said...

Glad Echo made it through okay. You got me thinking the other day when you talked about your dry snow blowing back after you had shoveled. I had an inch or so the other night and it was still on the driveway and though this is not a lot, it make a mess. Today I used a high speed high volume leaf blower and cleared the snow off in minutes. Don't know if if would work for you on your light and fluffy stuff, but thought I would mention

Pamela in MN said...

That is a great idea Jonathan! I will try that the next time we have fluffy snow in Minnesota.

Cabin in Vermont said...

Would you mind sharing what your vet recommend d for your dog's arthritis? We currently give our dog cosequin for her joints but we're looking for a supplement for her arthritis as well. Thank you, i am loving your blog from my little hill in vermont.

Bruce said...

Yes, we give him cosequin DS (double strength), and our vet also suggested we give him Duralactin with it. What a difference it makes for him. He is like a young dog again. When he had pain from arthritis he was depressed and didn't want to even go outside to potty. We gave him 5 days of rimadyl to get him over the painful part until the cosequin and duralactin kicked in. We buy our across the counter meds from Foster Smith, and the rimadyl was prescription from our vet. Hope this helps.