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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hard Work Part 2

 Two days work is represented in the photo above. The snow was hard packed and heavy. I had to cut it into blocks to move. The ice along the edge of the roof was 4-6" thick and very heavy. This will now make room for the rest of the snow that will surely come.
 This is a 10' high pile of snow. It will have to be moved but not until my sore body has recovered to some extent. The snow piles are so high that we can't throw the snow any higher and it falls right back down restricting the width of the driveway.
 This is the snow that was pushed away and down hill. We had to shovel it out of the garden area and then Carol pushed it out in the open where I could get to it  with the tractor in the bottom photo.
We still have the other side of the house to do yet so it doesn't form ice and rip the stack vents off when it comes speeding down the steep roof.

Now it is time to go out and put some more bird seed out for the birds. I have a Hairy woodpecker standing on the deck rail looking angry so she must be out of food. Next she will start banging on the house to get my attention. Then some much needed rest until I have to take Echo in for some minor surgery tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This effort look arduous and I'm not sure I could handle it. Is it possible to clear it out daily(after snows of course) or does it backup that much over a given snow event? I would love to live in the mountains but I'm not sure I could keep up with the snow.

Bruce said...

We only clean out this area once a year. The rest of the time we keep the snow from the area's we walk daily clear. We have been doing it a long time so we have become used to it and it really isn't hard if we do it over a few days as opposed to doing it all in a single day.