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Thursday, May 4, 2017


I know that it sounds ridiculous but the hummingbird on the left has a long history at our house. She is the first one back each year and the last one to leave. This has been going on for many years. She sits on the same spot and on the same feeder in the very same way each year. Several years ago she had an accident where she flew into a window and she holds her body differently. Carol found her and kept her warm and cradled in our hand until she revived.  She was found in a snow bank and still she survived the window strike and the cold.  After she survived she has had this different body posture that stands out to us.

She is a senior hummingbird now and we can easily pick her out of a bunch of hummingbirds easily. It is hard to explain the happiness when she comes back year after year. She flies hundreds of miles each year to her winter destination and then flew back to the very spot on the feeder each spring.

Seeing Henrietta back each year really lifts our spirits. We look forward to seeing her again each year but we are fully aware that one year she will not return and we will actually mourn her when that time comes.


Bea said...

Nice story. It is weird that we can get attached to wildlife so readily. I have a crow and it's family around. She/he has a crocked foot and is easy to discern. It is my "crocked foot family".
By the way the first hummingbird here was back yesterday. Usually it is around May 10 but I watched the map and saw they were close so the feeder was ready.
Take a look.

Bruce said...

That is a cool map Bea.... Thanks for sharing it.

Anna Twitto said...

How very cool to see those hummingbirds with the snow still on the ground. You and Carol are lucky to be living in such proximity to wildlife.