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Monday, May 8, 2017


Bozley continuing  his deep sleep after having a cyst removed from his knee. When we adopted Bozley 1 year 10 months ago he came with a 90 day supply of prednisone for a "hot spot" on his knee. I checked the area and we have been watching and checking that area very frequently but did not see anything that could be bothering him. We have treated the area with neem oil and until last Friday there was nothing visible.
Last Friday Carol noted a small cyst forming. This is the first it has appeared where we could see it. We did not give Bozley the prednisone as we did not see a hot spot. It was a cyst below the surface that did not appear until Friday and the prednisone would not have helped that condition at all.
Bozley will not be troubled with the cyst again. The cyst was easily removed and the stitches will be taken out in two weeks.

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