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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tick Bite - Lyme Disease???

After hauling brush a week ago I noticed this on my arm and after taking a shower following mucking out our creek this morning I took a shower to get the mud off me. This time when I noticed it on my arm a bell went off and I looked up tick bites with lyme disease. Sure enough it is a match but I must have scratched the tick off almost after the initial bite through the sleeve of my shirt. Looks like I'll be making a doctors appointment early next week...Haven't heard of lyme disease ticks in our part of the country but this says otherwise....but, I'll let the doctor make the diagnosis.


Raju Rage said...

Was it?

Bruce said...

Raju: Yes, according to two doctors they advised it was Lyme disease but also if caught in the first 5 weeks and put on proper antibiotics it can be usually dealt with without further incident. I had follow up tests and it apparently never got into my blood stream and was killed before it got to that stage.