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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tick Bite - Lyme Disease???

After hauling brush a week ago I noticed this on my arm and after taking a shower following mucking out our creek this morning I took a shower to get the mud off me. This time when I noticed it on my arm a bell went off and I looked up tick bites with lyme disease. Sure enough it is a match but I must have scratched the tick off almost after the initial bite through the sleeve of my shirt. Looks like I'll be making a doctors appointment early next week...Haven't heard of lyme disease ticks in our part of the country but this says otherwise....but, I'll let the doctor make the diagnosis.


JennielynnfromMilton said...

Hi Bruce and Carol,

I've been following your posts for several years now, and I always look forward to the next one because I enjoy them so much. I sure hope everything turns out for the best for you Bruce, concerning that tick bite. Wow, not the way you would want your summer to start.

Best regards,

Nadia D. said...

Yikes! I hope you are doing well!

Bruce said...

Diagnosis confirmed and on Rx to destroy the virus before it gets started.

Anonymous said...

I got bit in Colorado! I didn't notice the rash until I got home to Florida...went to urgent care and they gave me antibiotics and name of internist... Those antiobiotics are HORRIBLE. I have never felt so awful but am grateful I was one of the few who actually get the rash and took antibiotics in time.

My internist in FL said "There's no Lyme in FL ...

Best of luck on your recovery!