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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best sledding place in Forbes Park

When we moved out here in 1997, it was in August and we were looking forward to the winter activities---besides bringing in wood, taking out ashes and moving snow, one way or another to one place or another. One of the things that we really looked forward to doing was sledding!  We drove places, we walked places and we snowshoed places.  None of them worked well as the snow was always too deep to sled without using our hands/arms to propel us and then of course we had to slog through the deep snow up to the top.  

Two or three years ago we found the perfect place and it was right under our noses all the time----our driveway!  It is about 100 yards long.  You can see Bruce, a teeny dot, up by the house.  I am standing at the end of the driveway.

Ready, set, go! He is on his way!  The snow is packed down really well from Bruce's using the tractor with snowthrower on it.  Also the fact that it has gotten cold at night---all the way up to 27 today!

Here he is, getting ready to round the corner and head down the road.  We have no traffic on our road.  In fact, the snow gets piled really deep right after our garage entry. It got a little scarey for me at this point as you can never be sure just which way the "sled" will go!

Well, he made it past me and is on his way down the road.  We can go another 100 yards down that way!  The walk back isn't bad either.  Good exercise for the ole folks!!!

Hope you enjoyed your trip down the best sledding hill in the Park!  :)+


Mike McFall said...

WOW, I enjoyed that!!!! been a LONG time since I did any sledding!!
Thanks for the memories. I'd love to try that....

Have fun and Merry Christmas

God Bless


Bruce and Carol said...

Come on over and give it a try, Mike! Bring Pat along!