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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sasha and family

A few weeks ago I put my son and family on here for everyone to see and thought I would now present Sasha and her family. The three in the back are, from left to right, Trenton (goes to FSU/Fairmont State U. in West VA), Jonathan, age 10, and Drew (goes to UWVa in Morgantown). Tiff is lying down and goes to UCF---and there are Sasha and Rick. Nice looking bunch, huh???

This is a recent picture taken of Rick, Jonathan and Sasha. They live in Oviedo, Florida and have made one visit out here. I have been able to go to see them for a few weeks each year in May. I enjoy getting to catch up face to face!!!

So there you are. Next family will be Bruce's son Todd and wife Cari. I will post them soon!

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Mike McFall said...

Yes,,very nice family....