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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1---how can that be?

Boy, it sure is hard to believe that 1/6th of the year has gone by already.  Yup, time flies!

On Wednesday we decided to take a trip down to the Sand Dunes and take the dogs for a hike. The pic below is one I took as we were traveling down our mountain to get to highway 160.  Lots of sagebrush is in the picture as we haven't gotten any snow here for over 3 weeks now. Hopefully March will bring us a lot as it is our main source of moisture. Today however is a gorgeous day with the temps in the 50's!!!

The Sand Dunes are about an hour from us---nothing is close!!!  It was a beautiful day to go down there and there was NO ONE around! 

 Our plan was to hike the Mosca Trail but as you can see, there was still a lot of snow there so we decided to take the Montville Trail.......

and there was a lot of snow on it as well.  However, Bruce took this great picture.  It was very bright there and since I didn't have my glasses with me, I couldn't make any adjustments on the camera.

I took this one of Bruce with Sarah and Bozwell and again, too bright.  The Sand Dunes were off in the distance.  Bummer.  We'll have to go again to get some better pictures.

Yesterday I mentioned to Bruce that since it was so nice outside, maybe we should put more wood into the woodshed.  That is the first and biggest job we have come summer time and the more we can do now, the less later.  Now in this instance, everything was in the SHADE.  I just can't seem to get it right.  As you can see, now the  picnic table are visible with no shoveling lately.

This is Bruce (in the shade) up at the woodshed getting things together.  He uses the electric chainsaw with a looooooooooong cord.

And here he is splitting the wood.  He does it all by hand.  We used to have a wood splitter---with a motor and all---but the guy we were sharing the splitter with bought us out.  All of the wood we use is aspen and it dries well so Bruce says it is easy to split. While he splits, I load the woodshed.  We have a pretty good system worked out.

So that is the story from this end for this week.  We hope that you have enjoyed sharing our week with us and we'll be back next Sunday, for sure.  :)+


Wood Splitter said...

Well it is better exercise swinging the old axe but I am hooked on my electric splitter. Its nice I can use it indoors and not have to worry about fumes etc. Great blog.

Joy and Phil said...

Hey you two!

Congrats on the hit counter! It will be fun to watch your reader numbers start to climb.


Mike McFall said...

Ah, ha, now you have a Shout Box!! looks like it works! Good Job!!!