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Monday, March 30, 2009

An old video

This was taken last fall. The story is at the bottom!!!!!!!!!!! This is the old video:

A number of years ago a momma deer came around with 2 young ones. Bruce talked to them when they visited him as he worked around outside. The next year the 2 young ones came back and he called them Junior and Eddie. Well, Junior became quite "tame" and was standing by the fence once day looking at the bird feeder in the fenced in back yard. Bruce thought he might jump the fence to get to it (which we didn't want) so he took some cracked corn out to him. Junior ate right out of the bucket! Bruce could also feed him apple right from his hand. Junior did come back last summer after having been gone for a number of years---he is a B-I-G buck now (see picture at the top) but still knows his name---and still likes that cracked corn although prefers it to be in a container on the ground!


Mike McFall said...

Hey, GOSH,,,,,A post on Sat-Sun and Monday.... You gona have a daily post? I love it, but didn't know..

Also, some of us out here are on Air Cards and can't do Video's, as we only have a certian amount of usage. We get 5GB a month,,,,,sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well the first month we went over by 735MB,,,,,,cost us an extra $190.00 for that month on top of the usual $59.95. So we WATCH our usage,,,,CLOSE!!!
Would love to see your video's but can't chance it...:-(


carolyn Muratore said...

Carol, first time I visited your blog and loved it! The mountain retreat looks like heaven but I need warm temperatures all spring, summer and fall!