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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A beautiful day in the mountains!

No snow pictures this week.  YAY!!!  We were supposed to get rain today but nothing so we spent a couple of hours putting more wood into the woodshed. We are thinking that it would really be neat if we could get it full---or nearly full---before I head to Florida at the end of next month.  That is always the very first thing we like to accomplish after winter is over and getting  a head start is a good thing.

We both joined Facebook some time ago and I have been most fortunate to find some high school friends and college friends as well.  This Wednesday my roommate from freshman year at SUNY Cortland, Louise, and her husband, Charlie, came to visit.  I hadn't seen Lou since 1966, I think, a looooooooong time ago but as  you can imagine, we picked up right where we left off.  We did stop to take a breath every now and then.

What was interesting was to find out that they had lived in the northern part of Colorado up until 2 1/2 years ago.  Thanks to Facebook we have been able to renew our friendship and we plan to get together a lot more frequently!

Lou and Charlie had just, eleven days prior to seeing us, adopted this cute little papillion, Josey.  She is the cutest little thing---and I do emphasize LITTLE....and 6 months old.  They brought her crate "just in case". Well, the 4 dogs hit it off!  Bozwell, the biggest of the 4, absolutely loved Josey.

They got a bit rambunctious a few times so Josey went into her crate to settle down.  It was good to see our 3 dogs interact with a tiny one!  How is this for adorable???

Bruce headed to Monte Vista on Friday to pick up some new shear pins for the tractor and was able to repair the snowthrower so it is ready for action.  You just never know when you might need it at this elevation!

So that is about it for this week. It was a great one! :)+

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Mike McFall said...

Nice Post!!!

I went to my 55th High School reunion last summer. It was INTERESTING,,,,,,Its always good to see Friends, no matter how long its been...

Good Pictures......

Keep it up!!!