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Sunday, September 27, 2009

October is right around the corner.........

and although the calendar says AUTUMN, the temps say HERE IT COMES, READY OR NOT!!! The next two pictures were taken the day before fall was declared!!

This is the meadow that we walk the dogs down to each morning. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see how the trees at the top of the mountain are all covered with snow or frost.

On Wednesday we took a drive up to Bonanza, Colorado to check out a "ghost town". The day was somewhat dreary---we don't have many of those here---but the trees were really pretty.

This is where we stopped so Bruce could do a few "test pans" in Kerber Creek. There were silver mines in the area and no gold in the creek.

But you never know unless ya look!

An abandoned cabin........

and abandoned mining spot.

The Bonanza Cemetery was right nearby so we checked it out. There were a lot of OLD gravestones and some that had no markers at all. Some too had boards that at some time long ago probably had some words on them but they were worn off long ago.

This is of the Sangre De Cristo Range as we drove down the road to get back onto 285.

I looked out our breakfast room window a few days ago to see a mama deer and her two fawns. Again, you will have to enlarge it to see them. I took it through the window so as not to scare them away. As always, I wish I had the camera with me when I first saw them as one of them was right outside the window!

Our old Sony digital camera seems to be having a hard time even though it was just repaired. Here is a pic of Bruce doing a cowboy breakfast for friends yesterday. I think I need a new camera!

The breakfast was in honor of our friends from Florida, Liz and Tom Wilson. They have property here in the Park that they hope to build on as soon as their home in Florida sells.

So that is "the week that was". Bruce has gone over to help another friend who is building a cabin bend some rebar so he can get started on the foundation the next time he comes out from Delaware. Friends from TX will be stopping by soon....and I may have jury duty this week!

Hope your week has been as great as ours (the only disappointing thing being the loss of ball games by both Florida State and Michigan State!). :)+

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