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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camping in Westcliffe/Silvercliffe

This photo will fool you I'm sure, but if you ever tasted it there would be no fooling around. It is a pizza sitting on our picnic table in the shade. There is a place in Silvercliffe Colorado called R's that makes pizza. We camp just outside Westcliffe for the sole purpose to get a couple of these pizza's. The owner was telling me that they have people driving up from S. New Mexico twice a month just to get their pizza's. We have had pizza at different places all over the country and this is by far the best tasting pizza we have ever had. This particular one is ham and pineapple and we actually made it last two meals. It has a special taste and the owner tells me they are all made by hand and it is the combination of dough and sauce that gives it that unique flavor. Wish everyone could have been there to enjoy it with us but since you couldn't make it we ate your share. Yummy.....
While we were camping we noticed smoke coming from what looked to be the general area where we live. After a couple of days we were able to determine that it was a wild fire coming from the Great Sand Dunes National Park, to the North and West of where we live. It burned for several days and the smoke was so intense that it stretched all the way to Pueblo, Colorado. This view is looking across the campground toward the South. Last we heard it had burned over 4000 acres. It was a nice quiet week of camping with an occasional whiff of smoke. No WiFi, no real amenities to speak of and other than the pizza not much to do in this area. Exercise came mostly from walking to the bath house. One whole week of relaxation and letting sore muscles heal. Also caught up on reading magazines that have been backing up for months.
Just North of Westcliffe is a large reservoir called DeWeese Reservoir. We saw it on the map and decided one day to drive up and see what it was like. As you can see from this photo it is beautiful with all the snow capped mountains in the back ground and rock out cropping around the lake. There were all sorts of recreational opportunities including some people camping right on the edge of the lake. It is a mile long with a dam just over from where this photo was taken.

So it has been a quiet, relaxing week. The wind blew hard almost every day and the temperature at the camp ground was dry and very hot during the daytime and would freeze your hinney off at night. Even with the heat strip going it got cold at night.

Now back to the old grind of getting the rest of our firewood in for next winter and settle into our normal routine.

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