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Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Robins? - by Bruce

Wait just a minute here. I counted the robin eggs and there were only three. I counted the baby chicks for several days and there were only three. When I just went out I counted four - so what's up. As I looked closer I noticed mama robin is in the nest with the three chicks. I had noted earlier that mama wasn't spending much time feeding these little fat over sized chicks, and now she is there in a nest that barely held three fat chicks. I realized it was time for them to get over their fear of leaving the nest and fly off on their own. She is slowly forcing them out of the nest. I had never seen how they did this before but now I know and so do you.
I really like the concept. If you have children at home that should be out on their own, all you have to do is cut their room down to a fraction of its size, move your bed in there, and out they go with wings flapping and they are flying on their own. Pretty cool huh????

We were out getting two loads of fire wood and I wondered why I was sweating so hard and working so slow. Came in and the thermometer was reading almost 86 degrees which is unheard of here at 9,750'. We call the little man in the thermometer Jack. No particular reason but he just looks like a Jack. We noted he was down to his shorts and the sun is blazing outside. I wonder if it gets hotter because we are closer to the sun than folks at lower elevations. Time for some lemon water and rest. I had forgotten just how hard it is to work in the heat with the biting fly, no breeze, and stifling heat. Maybe the dogs just laying around panting should have given me my first clue.
Just wanted to share with all readers how mama robin gets those young un's out on their own. I thought it was interesting and practical.

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