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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busy non stop day - by Bruce

It started out with cooking breakfast for our good friends Doris and DJ. It is always a pleasure to cook for them because their appreciation is always outwardly evident as they eat that cowboy breakfast. I cooked up my special spiced Yukon potatoes, OJ, ham, also known as Spam, coffee, and Carol made pinch cake for desert. If you ever want to just eat one meal per day, this one will get the job done. I intended to take photo's of Doris and DJ but was distracted by a neighbor and his friend walking down the road because when he got in front of our house he started banging his walking stick on a tree, which startled the dogs inside the house, along with us and our friends by exhibiting such abnormal behavior. So I totally forgot to take more photo's. I'm not sure what the stick banging was all about but I didn't see any hex signs after he went on down the road.

We always like our time with Doris and DJ because conversation is punctuated with a lot of laughter. We always have a good time and as an added bonus our friend DJ is the wizard of all wizards with computers so he fine tunes our computers. He can explain difficult tasks so well that I can even understand - and that folks is pretty uncommon. He is also the only person I totally trust with my computed and its data.

There is absolutely nothing better than quality time spent with friends.

Our friends had no more than hit the end of our driveway than the phone rang again and it was two more good friends that wanted to come over. We never refuse a chance to get together with them because they are two very busy people. As usual we had a great time with them and I was presented a Florida State tee shirt. That was very special because they are Gator fans. Thanks Dale, I'll always wear the shirt when you guys come over so you can admire it over a long time. We also got to see the CD Sharon had made of her trip to Thailand. It is always pretty special to see far off places you know you will never go to, but it is more rewarding to see that far off place from first hand experience of a friend.

So now the day is wearing down and while I'm tired it is a very good tired. We have had numerous visitors in the past several days and always enjoy being with friends. We are very selective whom we list as friends in our community. We have after much trial and error made a distinction between friends and acquaintances. So any time we can spend quality time with friends is very special for us and today was such a day..


Bruce said...

I found out what the noise was out front. A 15 year old small dog that has diabetes, seizures when it gets excited, is deaf, blind and has no teeth got loose from its owner and the neighbors thought since it was deaf and blind it might feel the vibrations of a loud noise. They were scouring the woods and driving up and down our road looking for it.
So what we thought was bizarre behavior had a purpose after all.
I wonder however why any animal would be allowed to suffer by being blind, deaf, no teeth, (I was told it could hardly drink because the water would run back out its mouth) have the disease's it had and not be sent to doggy heaven. It has to be terrified being in the mountains alone and no idea of how to be found. Especially with the predators we have around here.
Anyway that is the story about the sudden noise in front of our house.

Rob said...

That's a mighty fine looking Cowboy Breakfast!

. . . Rob