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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time marches on ~ by Bruce

We had to get the doggy ramp out again - regretfully. We bought this ramp for our beloved Ben when he got older because as hard as he would try he couldn't get into vehicles. Initially I would help him in but he hated anyone doing that for him. Once he got the hang of the ramp he got into the vehicles much easier. We had put it away hoping never to have to use it again but lo and behold, Gypsy finds it just to difficult to get into the Jeep. The last two times we have taken her in the Jeep she has needed help getting into it. Those 13 1/2 year old legs just don't have the spring in them that they once had. I can tell it bothers her but she is not as vain as Ben was and will let me lift her into the Jeep. With hernia surgery coming up tomorrow getting her in the Jeep was going to be a problem for the next several weeks. So out comes the ramp once again.
I just hate seeing her get old but there is nothing we can do to stop the process. She still handles the walks each day like she has in the past, but she sleeps more and does her best to keep up with the two German Shepherds. She is a real trooper and we couldn't love her more.

So here are two photos of Gypsy complete with grey hair now. She is showing her age but she still has the spirit of a much younger dog and the grace of a well bred lady. According to the vet she is past her life expectancy but she has an active and for the most part a healthy life surrounded with more love than she can handle. She is very healthy and we attribute that to having been provided good veterinary care over her life, lots and lots of love, and good food and nutrition. Ben was treated the same way and he lived over three years of quality life beyond what his vet said he would.

She can still dash out in the back yard with the two German Shepherds after chipmunks but she has no desire to play tag or keep away with them. So time marches on but sometimes I just wish I could stop it for awhile. We are thankful though that she still enjoys a full and happy life and that she is healthy and active. What a gal she turned out to be.... Did I mention that she is still able to keep an active dog twice her size in line and has the total respect of both other dogs and us too. Gypsy the Amazing just keeps marching on..

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Barbara said...

What a wonderful story this is Bruce. I love the "oldsters" except for the fact that they're old and I can't stand thinking about what's ahead. They are taken from us all too fast.

Hey good luck with your hernia surgery tomorrow. I hope you will be up and about got the winter to prepare for you know?! Be well and God Bless my friend!