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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Tradition - by Bruce

Okay, who else do you know that takes their dogs for a hay ride each fall season? No one I know of except us. They actually look forward to it and know when I get a bale of hay what is coming next. It was a nice cool and crisp day, the sun was shining, so today we decided to all go for a hay ride. Its a small trailer so we take them one at a time. With the tractor repairs this year we were afraid that the tractor would not be returned in time or the weather would turn bad. Neither happened and three doggies and Carol, plus myself all had a fun time. I think the girls enjoyed it the most but the boys enjoyed it too and all had fun in the process.

The above photo is of Sarah and of the three I think she enjoyed it the most or maybe Gypsy did, hard to tell.
Then Bozwell had his turn and he too enjoyed it but didn't want to sit down once we got started.
Then it would be a toss up between Gypsy (above) and Sarah who actually had the most fun. Gypsy laid down and took in the scenery and clearly enjoyed herself, but then again she has been on quite a few hay rides. As soon as I came back in the house after the final ride she was ready to go again.

Perhaps if the weather holds we will get in another hay ride or two......after all it is an Autumn tradition with us.
If you click on the photo it will enlarge.


Barbara said...

I love to see people like you and Carol enjoying your dogs. You truly share your life with your animals....the way it should be!

Bruce said...

Thanks Barbara: We didn't know there was any other way.
Note in the background with Bozwell, that is about half the wood we will need to keep warm this winter. The other half is already in the wood shed.
Last year Sarah was uncertain about the hay ride but this year she purely enjoyed herself. She just sat in the hay and you could see she enjoyed every minute of it. Gypsy had a great time you could tell. Head up, smile, taking in all the scenery, sniffing the different smells. She is going on 14 and I don't even want to think about this potentially being her last hay ride.
We have birthday parties for each dog, hay rides, explore the woods around the house, long daily walks, playing ball, and just taking it easy. I honestly don't know what we would do with out their companionship.
Just got a call and my summer sabbatical is over. The rescue I volunteer for needs help pronto. Something I really love to do by getting rescue dogs to people who will love them their entire life. Big responsibility but big rewards too.