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Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Here are two photos submitted by Mary Anne Nelson that were taken on their property over by LaVeta. If you click on the photo's they will enlarge and you will be able to fully appreciate them. Thank you Mary Anne for sharing these wonderful photo's.

We had visitors the other day and when I went to let the dogs out back there were about 50-60 elk out back. Then this morning we had a deer walking up to the back area and it sure looked like Junior. The same distinctive markings but when I called him by name, he looked for a moment and then headed up the mountain. My hope that Junior survived another year is renewed. If it wasn't Junior it was a double that looks very much like him. No camera handy when I made these two sightings.

It has been so windy that I think these beautiful bears may have been blown in from the Western part of the State. I don't believe that I recall in the 14 winters we have lived here ever having such strong winds for this length of time. Since we live in the woods I can imagine how bad it is for folks that don't have trees to slow the wind down more.

Only 7" of snow for us so far. Last year by now we had a total of 60" of snow. It doesn't seem to be one of those winter's where we get much snow. We do have lots of winter left though. So far all we have had is cold, windy and dry. Therefore there are no snow photo's to share. Again, thank you Mary Anne for sharing those great bear photos with the readers.


Barbara said...

Is it just me Bruce, but I wasn't able to view the pictures of the two bears! Sigh!

Oh I hope it was Junior that you saw the other day!!!!

Deirdre said...

I couldn't see them,either. Thought it was my computer. ??? On the other topic, I BELIEVE!!!You wouldn't mistake his markings! I am so glad. Maybe he will come back for a bite to eat once the snow is covering things up more.