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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finally snow! / Carol

Finally got a foot of snow yesterday. This is the point to which we walk each morning, looking up the mountain which is called Bear Mountain for obvious reasons.

There is the Big Lake! Only a little bit of it is not frozen.

Here's Bruce and the two GSD's walking back up the driveway. Bruce had realized that the battery on the tractor was dead and we were praying that it will charge up. That is lots of snow to be moved. See the Jeep and truck on the left??

Alleluia! The battery was charged this morning so Bruce tackled the snow. We had shoveled about 30 yards from the road up the driveway and parked the truck there so that he could get out this morning if need be. Good thing he didn't have to go as there was a huge drift in the road...right at the spot where I took the pic of the Big Lake yesterday. Front end loader removed it!
Expect I will be posting more snow pictures now that it has been jump started!!!

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