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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kindle reader by Bruce

I bought a Kindle reader for Carol for Christmas. It is an amazing little thing, smaller than a paper back, portable and easy to take with you, has so many features it is hard to consider them all. It will hold 3,500 books many of which are free to down load, other's are less that $1.00. Shoot, after Carol downloaded one book there were changes to it and she got a message that they had automatically updated and corrected the book.

I used to think I liked a hard copy of a book but I'm not so sure anymore. This is convenient, easy to read (yes you can make the words larger of smaller) and portable. It did not really occur to me as I listened to the State of the Union Speech where the President said the world has changed just how much it has changed. I like to listen to a good speech and generally tuck the content away and not think about it much.

When I see Carol with her Kindle what he said came back with striking clarity. I thought of all the mail offers, telephone calls from Literary Guild, and specials I get to buy hard cover books. One the other night said if I bought one book at a reduced price that they would give me three coupons to redeem when ever I wanted to. The books were free all I had to pay was shipping and handling because I had been a good customer.

So when I see what electronic book readers have done it is clear that book companies are running scared. I remember a friend in Tallahassee tried for years to get me to quit my job and work with him. His dad was CEO of Cellular One, and he told me only 5% of people had cell phones and the market was wide open. I stuck with my insurance job but I often think what would have been if I had excepted that offer. Every one now has cell phones and what they do is beyond my comprehension. How they have changed our world and made land lines obsolete. How party lines and rotary dial is old history. Where are the pay phones anyway?

Our world has changed, there is no question about it and it is changing almost daily. It is a new age and whether it is good or not, that remains to be seen. A little reader like Kindle will change it even more and book clubs as we have known them will be history and probably not very long from now. When I was born car's had running boards, we did not have our own phone and TV was not invented, stores were closed including gas stations on Sunday and look where we are now. I count most of it as good. Glad to have been able to see it happen as I sit here in my recliner writing this on my lap top. How about you?

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