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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brrrrrrrrr - by Bruce

They said it would get this cold but since "they" are rarely correct in their predictions we didn't think it would happen. Well, even a blind hog finds an acorn once and a while, and they were right. It was 51 degrees inside when we got up and two hour's later it is all the way up to 56.6 degree's. They also forecast that it would not get above zero today and maybe 'they' will find a second acorn. We will hopefully get the inside temperature up to at least 70 degrees though.
Just another winter in Colorado. The 5" of fresh snow we received yesterday brought us up to 67" for the season. Last year we had 104" by now and we only need another 197" to meet our annual average. That means that if we fall below the average it could be a dry wildfire prone season. Last time we failed to meet our average it rained all summer so that negated the wildfire hazard. It also meant getting in wet firewood and hoping it would dry before the next winter.
So that is our winter so far, hope yours is going well...


Raylene said...

Were you able to get extra clothing for that poor little guy since your weather gets so darn cold?! My grands have the gal thermometer and what she is wearing is the dress code of the day—no argument either!

Bruce said...

Nope, Jack is frozen in place. Same frozen expression on his face. I think he has battery operated socks though.