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Sunday, February 6, 2011

These finches flock together in the winter time, and come in as a flock to feed at the sunflower seed feeder. They cover it with so many bird wings so you can't even see the feeder. When I see them doing that I take the feeder in for a while as they will go through a 50 lb. bag in a week where the Chickadee will only take one seed at a time. Finches just all cling to the feeder, eat and poop.

I had taken in the feeder and was out on the deck sweeping the additional snow off the deck. I had on my hooded sweat shirt and suddenly realized that the finches had come in and with no feeder they swarmed all over my hood and I could feel their little wings flapping through the hood. As they swarmed around me trying to get more food I told them they were little gluttons and I was not going to put it back out. What happened next was surprising. They all flew off in a flock. They are actually rose breasted finches but I couldn't find a photo of that species. This is one of the reasons we love living where we do. How could anyone possibly get bored when God puts so many different creatures in your life to keep us amused and entertained? I only wish Carol could have seen it and taken a photo to share.


Carol said...

Carol was outside shoveling snow and bringing in more firewood.

Pat said...

Awwww… All we get are yellow finches, and I’ll feed them whatever they want … However, we don’t have the number of finches that you seem to. Our finches seem to like thistle and I have a special finch feeder for that… I was told finches prefer thistle. I can’t remember what my bag of thistle cost because I bought two bags last spring and only used one. Maybe they wouldn’t eat you out of house and home with thistle.

My thistle feeder: