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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has emerged a day early - by Bruce

Right on schedule as reported the end of February, our sign of Spring is here. Our prism has cast its first rainbow on the ceiling. It was hard getting a photo of it because the flash on the camera kept washing it out.
Some wait on astrological signs to tell when Spring officially arrives but for us it is when we start to see rainbows on the ceiling and moving around the room. There were others but they didn't come out, and as time goes on they will last longer and longer in the day. This makes it official for us, Spring is here. Carol even reported that she observed a Robin this morning on her walk with the dogs.
Spring is finally here and we rely on our own signs to tell us so. Yea!!!!!!!!! Next the bears will emerge from hibernation, leaves will pop out on the trees and winter will be forgotten. Free again from cabin fever, shoveling, struggling through waist deep snow..

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