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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring Time Flowers

Below is a photo of the Colorado State Flower. Columbine, they are intricate and grow in various places on our property. This one just happens to be growing along the driveway. Between the exquisite and delicate construction of the flower it also has various shades of purple, lavender and various subtle shades in between that make it a special flower. If you click on the photo's they will enlarge and you can see what I'm talking about.

Below is a little purple flower that grows close to the ground and I don't know its name but it is a pretty little plant or perhaps weed but adds a nice contrast to the array of other flowers. I don't have a photo of the small violets that grow in another part of our lot as regretfully they were trampled on when we were getting our firewood in.
Here is a wild rose bush in full bloom that is at the edge of our driveway. I wish we could do a scratch and sniff so you could experience the gentle fragrance of this wild rose. It is a truly heavenly scent.
So those are some of our wild flowers currently in bloom. We also have monk's hood, and a virtual host of other wild flowers in full bloom. They all grow wild, are sown and scattered by the wind and birds, and cover our property to the point they are virtually every where. Spring time in the Sangre de Christo's are a very special time of year. We wanted to share some of it with you. After all who knows - tomorrow they could all be covered in snow. Our weather is strange to say the least. A week ago snow flakes were falling and the temperature was in the mid-thirties. High country living is never predictable.

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