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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Flowers In The Mountains

Here are some Indian Paint Brush, and they also are in profusion on our property. They vary from light orange to deep red and orange in color. When they are mixed in with the other wild flowers they make quite an array of color. The profusion of color in the Spring, Summer and Fall is amazing in the mountains.

Here are some wild roses and yellow daisy's that are in abundance on our property. My only regret is that you can't do a scratch and sniff on a blog so you can enjoy the most wonderful smell emanated by these wild roses. It is the most fragrant yet delicate smell imaginable from a rose that you could envision. Our property is literally covered with wild roses and they are beautiful. In the fall season all these wild roses will be covered with rose hips and the deer love them.

Soon the Columbine will be blooming and they are a very intricate and delicate flower that in the wild are lavender in color and beautiful. I look forward to posting photo's of this species when they bloom.

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