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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey Fred!!! - Go Out Back and Get Some Lettuce

Many years ago - long before we moved here full time in 1997 - we were coming out to work on our retirement home and flew to Denver, rented a mini van and were driving through the center of the State. It was lunch time so we came into a very tiny town called Villa Grove that had one place that advertised food. We pulled in, went inside and it was a restaurant in the front of the house and the proprietor lived in the back. We both ordered our meal and I ordered a hamburger which is my usual selection. The lady asked if I wanted lettuce on my burger and I said yes.
She yelled out - "Hey Fred! go out back and cut some fresh lettuce". A couple minutes later here comes Fred with a handful of freshly cut lettuce. Can't get any fresher than that so now when we have a salad for lunch we have lettuce right out the back door too. Something about fresh lettuce or spinach that is superior to store bought produce. Thanks Fred we now have fresh lettuce out our back door too.

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